Doing My Bit

Doing My Bit - By Zoe Lewis

A one woman show
By Zoe Lewis
Premiered at Edinburgh Festival 2007

Doing My Bit is the story of Lesley’s struggle between her middle class conscience and her alter ego, who battle it out in the alienated urban wasteland of Harlesden West London. Lesley , like many mc careerists is lost to the community around her, especially the immigrant underclass who surround her home. But one night, Lesley gets drunk and decides to bridge the gap between Islam and the West and gives her necklace to a Somalian cabbie as a gift. The next day Lesley embarks on a journey to find him, and in the process, trys to rescue her soul from the racist who is trying to hijack her.


Music Plays – Something for the Weekend. Hard Fi
Enter Lesley

People think I’m a bitch. One person even suggested I get help. They said that I should go to something called Bitches Anonymous. I thought it was a joke and then I did some research and found that there is an Anonymous for every possible personality disorder. Dog Fanciers Anonymous, Saddle Sniffers Anonymous. There’s even one for people who have absolutely no personality at all. Anonymous Anonymous.

Anyway I nearly went along to ‘Bitches Anonymous’ but then I thought, why do I want to sit about with a bunch of fuck ups ? I’m not a bitch. I do my bit. . I recycle. And I work at Gap. And I’m very concerned about the Islam / Western divide I’m very concerned. Just not today. Or yesterday. Or tomorrow. In fact only on Friday nights at about half past nine with a glass of white wine in my hand and a line of coke up my nose. Then. I am very fucking concerned. I’m passionate about the integration of the immigrants Oh yes. I live above one. He’s from Morocco. Well, he looks Moroccan. And we share loads of things. A communal front door. And a communal hall.


“Are we all racists? Do kebab shops ever run out of meat ? All questions forthrightly asked by Zoe Lewis as Lesley with some great throwaway lines as she narrates the worst night of her life. Lewis’s characterization is spot on. With knowing nods engaging the audience. A subtle treatment of well trodden themes”.

A beautifully constructed one woman show about race and vodka……

Zoe Lewis, who also wrote the play, plays all roles and breathes life in to all her characters with fine acting and her accents are at all times excellent. The limited use of slides to depict places is not over used and adds to the performance….a fine piece of theatre… ONE4REVIEW (4/5)

A shot of vodka served on the way in, is nice but totally unnecessary as this brilliant one-woman show didn’t need the sense-of-humour lubrication. A sweep through Multi-cultural London on one woman’s drunken night only made more hilarious by a slide-show of her outing. Rating – **** 4/5 UK THEATRE NETWORK

An un – pc and even drunker and funnier bridget jones this one woman show manages to be funny and tackle the issue of racism in todays society. A breath of fresh air !
Emz Broadway Baby 5/5