Letts Study Politics

True to my last statement of intent, my blog will be taken up with the serious matters.  Two things have come out of my new commitment to becoming involved in politics. The first is that I am even more dejected than I was about the state of our incumbent government and secondly, when did the Arab Spring go so badly wrong?

Now, I am not skilled in writing in depth political analysis. The only tools that I have at my fingertips are the television news, radio four and the newspapers. The rest I have to try and use my analytical skills to fathom.  Therefore I am going to attempt to jot down my thoughts about politics in the style of “Letts study guide: Politics’

Why are people being killed at a football match in Egypt and what are the powers of the Western world going to do about the slaughter of innocent protestors in Syria?  Every day I  turn on my television set and see a report that there has been more killings by Assad’s forces. The Arab league observers have left because the situation became too dangerous. Well excuse me but what is the point of that?  If we to are allowed to bomb Libya, why aren’t the West steaming in to Syria. Yes I appreciate why, but actually, why not? I know that the Brits are trying to pressure the Russians and Chinese to pass a UN resolution against the Assad government but we all know how much good that is going to do.  The Russians and Chinese are not going to support the revolution , not when they are determined to suppress their own rebellions by force or subterfuge.  We didn’t need UN resolutions when we went on into Iraq. In Syria, its also about Oil, yes, of course everyone is trying to keep the power at the centre to ensure our oil supply is safeguarded but there is clearly a majority in the country who want a democratic election and are being denied it, by being hit with sticks and guns. If they are being suppressed then this is illegal and surely we have an obligation to intervene in the manner we did because Ghadaffi’s rule was illegal.  I think it is vital that Syrian people are answered in their call for help. Otherwise the so called ‘revolutions’ of last year don’t mean what they should. There is a revolution fatigue that has set in  – of course – given the number of countries that over threw their dictatorial leaders , so its sort of like –  “oh, that revolution thing was so last year. Cant you Syrians just shut up already?”

2011 was an utterly incredible year, what courage and bravery the people showed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain. What astonishing human beings they must be to rise up and actually change history. Our own riots of August 2011 demonstrated the power of the facebook inspired revolts. Which brings me to my next point  – what we should do is get rid of the Tories and the yellow people who hang about with them. Can you imagine anyone in this country putting down their prawn cocktails or their KFC bargain buckets to fight for something? At least our indolent youth had the right idea, protest does bring change, and yes some protest is illegal but what if the governments are illegal? The Tories didn’t get enough seats for power, nor did the Lib Dems, so why are they in power?  We need to seriously politicise ourselves because doing nothing just perpetuates more bankers bonuses and might bring down another economy like Spain or Italy. The Tories think it’s alright to let the Euro go under.  How on earth can they think this is a good idea ? How can they think that letting the union fail in Europe, with all its trade agreements and export demand the UK relies on is a sensible thing. Cameron puts it as a sort of fait accompli, but what does he want – everyone to go back to their own currencies and for Greece Spain and Italy to go bankrupt so long as the UK is alright.


I would dearly love to re instate Tony and Gordon to deal with Europe, and start spending our way out of this crisis, I think they had the right idea at the time and appreciate the argument that we had to address the deficit in order not to lose our triple A credit rating but how is that going to be achieved long term if we destroy our small businesses by no one being able to borrow or have any money to invest?


So, the last stupid question is; What on Earth was Capello thinking about when he re instated John Terry as England captain after the Wayne Bridge affair? At the time it was obviously right for him to stop being captain, a man who polarises the England camp to such a degree that other men will not play for their country because they can not be in the same room as him. Yes Capello this was the right thing to do. But then to re instate him a year later when he thought no one was looking, was not only a stupid thing to do but also irresponsible. Capello should be sacked himself for re instating a man like Terry who is not only nasty, thug like and untrustworthy, but is also on trial for racial abuse.  So they sack him again, what sort of men are running the FA? It isn’t as if there wasn’t another captain they could use – Lampard or Gerrard. I remember being annoyed about Terry re gaining the magic armband, but now I am just mystified. Can anyone explain why this man was re employed?


Remember this is a simple article, I ask the questions that I need answers to, we all know that I am obviously not in possession of all the facts and insight that I should be, but actually the Letts Study guide approach is a good one because asking stupid questions doesn’t mark you as stupid but brave.